7 Sustainable Tips to Take Care of Our Clothing and The Environment

Sustainable fashion is not only about buying sustainably, but it is also about maintaining the clothes you have. Taking care of your clothes properly is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Here are 7 simple tips for a healthier wardrobe and a greener planet.

Person doing laundry

1. Air Drying

Not only is air drying more environmentally friendly AND more cost-effective, but it is also better for our clothes. It prevents static cling on fabrics and extends the lifetime of clothing by reducing wear and tear from the dryer. What's even better is that although some fabrics may shrink in the dryer, they certainly don't shrink in the air!

    2. Using Dryer Balls

    When we do use the dryer, dryer balls are life changers! We buy them once, and they last for years. They get tossed in with our laundry and prevent clothes from clumping together by tumbling between the fabric and letting warm air circulate. This helps to better dry our clothes and reduces drying time. Dryer balls can help reduce wrinkles, prevent static, and soften fabric. Instead of buying dryer sheets and fabric softeners, dryer balls are better for our health, our wallet, and the environment! 

    For dryer balls made sustainably in Canada, check out: Moss Creek Wool Works.

    3. Washing in Cold Water

    Although it typically happens automatically, heating water to wash our clothes with takes a lot of energy, especially in the winter. Washing in cold water is not only better for our energy consumption, but it also helps slow the fading of colours and the shrinking of fabrics, extending the life of our clothing. 

    4. Using the Right Detergent

    Each time we buy a bottle of laundry detergent, we are contributing to plastic consumption and adding synthetic chemicals and non-biodegradable surfactants into our oceans and onto our clothes. There is a better way. We could bring our bottles to get refilled at a local eco-store or skip the liquid detergent altogether and use eco-strips laundry detergents instead. 

    To find vegan, eco-strips laundry detergents sustainably made in Canada, check out: Ardent Earth.

    5. Doing Full Loads

    Doing only half a load of laundry wastes water, energy, and time. Doing a full load of laundry maximizes our laundry machine's efficiency AND means that we now have an excuse to do laundry less often!

    6. Turning Clothes Inside Out 

    Turning our clothes inside out when we wash them does two important things. First, it ensures that the parts of our clothes that are in close contact with our body get a better wash; it helps remove sweat stains and odours. Second, it protects the outside of our clothes; it prevents pilling, it reduces colour fading, and it protects decorative elements. 

    7. Washing Less Often

    Washing our clothes after a single use isn't always necessary, particularly if it doesn't smell. With a high-efficiency washer, a single load of laundry takes up to 110 L of water, while older machines use up to 170 L of water per load. 

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