Demystifying the Hype Behind Canadian-Made Products

“Buy local.” “Shop small.” “Support local businesses.” We hear people say these things all the time. But why are these things actually so important? Does it really make a difference which country you buy your products from?

The answer is yes, and here are 5 reasons why.

Canadian flag on a mountain landscape

Lower Carbon Emission

Although Canadian factories still emit carbon, some Canadian manufacturers leave a carbon footprint that is among the smallest in the world. Instead of using coal for energy, many Canadian factories use clean electricity such as hydroelectric and nuclear energy. And unlike many developing countries, when factories do not use clean energy generation, they are subject to a carbon tax; the Canadian government charges 50$ per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Canadian companies are encouraged to keep their carbon footprint low and pay the price if they do not.

Better Working Conditions

In 2005, the International Labor Organization reported that nearly 9.5 million people work in “slave-like conditions” in Asia. Some of these working conditions include wages below living wages, excessive hours and days worked per week, discrimination, verbal and physical abuse, suppression of trade unions, and preventable disasters that result in death. In Canada, working laws are considerably more strict. The Canadian government has laws and programs in place to protect worker rights and the freedom to work in an environment free from discrimination and abuse.

More Sustainable Transport

Buying products from the same country, or even the same continent makes a huge difference in terms of shipment costs not only for our wallets but also for the environment. When every step of the process is done in Canada, we save fuel, time, and the environment.

Higher Health and Safety Standards

When we buy Canadian, we know that these products meet Canada’s health & safety standards. The manufacturing industry in Canada is highly regulated, from the quality assurance practices to the materials used and beyond. Not only is this crucial for workers, but it is also for the quality of products you buy.

Supporting other Canadians

When we buy Canadian, we are not only supporting our neighbours, friends, and fellow Canadians, we are also supporting the Canadian economy. We are helping to create Canadian jobs, improve local communities, and fuel innovation.

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