From Yarn to Shirt

The story behind your wardrobe

So many of our clothes are transported thousands of kilometres before they arrive at our door. Materials are sent all across the world, from factory to factory, country to country, to finally end up in our closets. At The Beaver Stand, everything from yarn to fabric remains in Canada. In fact, almost every step of the process takes place in the Greater Toronto Area, with the exception of t-shirt weaving, which takes place just outside of Montreal, Quebec.

Map of the clothing manufacturing process

🧶 Weaving

Weaving is the process of interlacing threads to form fabric. The type of thread used to create the fabric changes its properties. Our tread is composed of organic cotton, bamboo fibre, or recycled polyester.

* This process takes place in a factory in Brampton, Ontario for our sweatshirts, and a factory just outside of Montreal, Quebec for our t-shirts.

🪣 Dyeing

Dyeing is the interaction between a dye and a fibre as the dye moves into the internal part of the fibre. The dyeing process involves the absorption of the dye into the fibre surface and the diffusion of the dye across the fabric. The bulk of the dyeing process takes place in Ajax, Ontario, while some of it takes place in Brampton, Ontario.

✂️ Cutting & Sewing

Cutting involves trimming the fabric to the right shape and size, and sewing involves stitching it into clothing. To make sure the fabric’s edges don’t fray, the contour of each garment is sealed using a serging machine, which creates a complicated stitch at the edge of the fabric to hold it in place. This process takes place in Markham, Ontario.

🐾 Printing

Printing is the final step of the clothes making-process. This is where shirts and sweaters are printed with a final design, such as the classic “Happiness is made in Canada”. This process is similar to the dying process, but instead of the entire fabric getting coloured, a design is imprinted. This step takes place in Mississauga, Ontario.

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