About Us

Our Story

About a year ago, I fell in love. There was this guy that was absolutely perfect for me; he was kind and gentle, and smart and incredibly sweet. He knew just when I needed a push and just when I needed a hug. We were together for 6 glorious months, and then I got accepted to do my master’s degree. I left for Toronto, and he stayed in Montreal.

While we were in different cities, we wanted a project to do together - something that we were both passionate about. We started a business as an intersection of both of our hobbies. Where he is passionate about programming, I am passionate about nature, but we are both passionate about sustainability and Canada. We started this business as a partner project so that we have something to build together, even when we are apart.

Founders of "The Beaver Stand"

We are done with mass consumerism and fast fashion. We are done with low quality and poor working conditions. We are done with Canadian brands outsourcing their work to impoverished countries. We believe that ethical, sustainable, and Canadian-made clothing should occupy a more important place in the Canadian apparel market.

Our Process

We do not own any physical inventory, instead, we directly ship our products from our supplier's warehouse to you, reducing storage costs and unnecessary transportation from suppliers to retailers.

Our Suppliers

Every supplier we work with shares our vision to produce and sell locally-made products supporting the Canadian clothing industry.

  • Happiness Is Inc. is a casual lifestyle company with a mission to inspire gratitude, connection, and happiness. Sustainable fabrics with ethical production, made in Canada.
  • September Sun is an eco-conscious small Canadian collective manufacturing accessories for everyday life.