About Us

Our Story

When I met her, I wanted new clothes. I’ll admit it, I wanted to impress her. But I didn’t want to waste money on things I wouldn’t wear, I wanted something that was casual, soft, and looked good. I wanted something that I could wear all the time, but also something that was high quality and ethical. I heard so many horror stories about child labour and factories paying pennies, I didn’t want to support that. I wanted to support the Canadian industry. Now, you’re probably thinking “there’s no way this guy thought that much about a shirt”. You would be right, because I went out to buy a regular shirt from some regular store… and then it ripped. And that’s when I thought about it all over again. Then, instead of impressing her with my new clothes, I impressed her with this idea and together we started The Beaver Stand.

Founders of "The Beaver Stand"

We are done with mass consumerism and fast fashion. We are done with low quality and poor working conditions. We are done with Canadian brands outsourcing their work to impoverished countries. We believe that ethical, sustainable, and Canadian-made clothing should occupy a more important place in the Canadian apparel market.

Our Process

We do not own any physical inventory, instead, we directly ship our products from our supplier's warehouse to you, reducing storage costs and unnecessary transportation from suppliers to retailers.

Our Suppliers

Every supplier we work with shares our vision to produce and sell locally-made products supporting the Canadian clothing industry.

  • Happiness Is Inc. is a casual lifestyle company with a mission to inspire gratitude, connection, and happiness. Sustainable fabrics with ethical production, made in Canada.

Note: We are only working with one supplier at the moment. We care more about the quality we provide than the quantity of the products we sell. We will be expanding our catalog soon and we cannot wait to show you more!